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Spay/Neuter, Vaccines, Pet Care Products

Long Island Low-Cost Leader

     Before adoption, all animals are spayed or neutered at our clinic, brought up to date on vaccinations, are tested for either heartworm or feline leukemia/aids, and are microchipped.


Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Services


     The Kent Spay/Neuter Clinic offers one of the lowest prices on Long Island to the public for dog and cat  spaying and neutering. Over 4,000 animals are sterilized each year at our clinic. Three licensed veterinarians perform the surgery assisted by a professional staff.


Low-Cost Vaccinations & Vet Products


     Kent Animal Shelter’s clinic also offers low cost vaccinations. Veterinary products, such as flea control, are also available.

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Appointments & Information

(631) 727-7797



Need help paying for your pet's spay/neuter surgery?

Wellness Care for Cats, No office fee!

Distemper vaccine

$ 30,

Rabies vaccine

$ 25.

Leukemia vaccine

$ 35.

Distemper/rabies combo vaccine

$ 45.

Feline leukemia/AIDS test

$ 40.

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Wellness Care for Dogs

Distemper/Parvo vaccine

$ 45.

Rabies vaccine


Lymes vaccine

$ 40.


$ 35.

Bordatella vaccine

$ 35.

Heartworm test

$ 40.


$ 35.

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* No office fee will be incurred for routine vaccinations because we do not offer examinations.


Additional fees may be incurred for surgical complications such as heat, pregnancy, retained testicles, etc.

It can take as long as one month for a surgical appointment and one week for a vaccination appointment. Please plan in advance.

We occasionally receive grants that allow us to offer these services at a lower cost. Please call for availability.

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