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Sponsor A Pet

If you would love to adopt a pet but are unable to do so, a great option to consider is sponsoring a pet at Kent Animal Shelter, helping us to provide food, shelter and veterinary care for homeless animals until forever homes can be found.

  • You can sponsor a pet for just $ 25.00 per month. It will provide food, shelter and vaccinations for one of our homeless animals.

  • A one time donation of $ 100.00 will help rescue one animal from a crisis situation, provide food, shelter, medical care and spay/neuter before a forever home is found.

  • You can pay by setting up a recurring credit card payment online or by calling our office at (631) 727-5731

  • You can choose a pet or we can choose one for you

  • Many of our animals spend a number of months in our care

  • Unfortunately, some pets don’t find forever homes for as long as two years or more

  • Others find homes almost immediately

  • We’re a no-kill shelter committed to sticking with an animal for as long as it takes

By viewing our Virtual Adoption Center, you can choose the pet you would like to sponsor. As a pet sponsor, you will receive periodic updates on your pet’s progress. When your foster pet has been placed in a new home, you will be notified of the good news.

Please call the shelter at 631-727-5731 if you would like to sponsor a pet. You can also email us at for more information on becoming a sponsor.

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