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Help for owners who can't afford to spay/neuter pets

ASPCA spay neuter grant for people who need financial assistance

The Kent Animal Shelter today announced that the organization has been awarded an ASPCA grant in the amount of $32,500 to help pet owners with financial need to spay/neuter their pets. Dog and cat owners who demonstrate financial need can have their pet spayed or neutered at the Kent Animal Shelter for a small co-pay of $20.

“The only way to combat the homelessness, abuse and euthanasia of many thousands of unwanted animals every year is to decrease overpopulation. Many pet owners do not have the resources available to obtain this service. The ASPCA has made it possible for approximately 600 surgeries to be performed that will ultimately benefit both pets and their owners,” said Pam Green, Director of the Kent Animal Shelter. The project will begin on November 1st, 2017 and continue until August of 2018. Pet owners must show acceptable proof of financial need. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the Kent Animal Shelter Spay Clinic at 631-727- 5731 ext. 2. The Kent Animal Shelter is a private, nonprofit humane organization that is a proud leader in low cost spay/neuter surgeries on Long Island.

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